ACTive ALIA News – September 2018

Any excuse to show off the Geoscience Australia library sandpit

Finding yourself hankering for some Canberra library news? So were we, honestly. Fortunately the team at ACTive ALIA have decided to compile a brief list of some of the goings-on.


Loads of LIS jobs in Canberra at the moment! Seriously. So many. (All adverts are for permanent positions unless stated otherwise)


In conjunction with our friends and overlords at ALIA House, ACTive ALIA are hosting an ALIA Website Renovation Party next Wednesday 12th September. Come try your hand at information architecture while scoffing free wine and pizza. Did we mention FREE WINE AND PIZZA? Register now to secure your spot! It promises to be a great evening.

The University of Canberra’s Centre for Creative and Cultural Research is hosting a symposium on Creative and Cultural Futures: Leadership and Change on Friday 12th October, 10am-5pm at UC. Featuring a variety of speakers from all ends of the cultural heritage spectrum, it promises to be a great opportunity to discuss the future of the GLAM sector and its place in broader Australian society. Current UC students and recent alumni can attend for free! (Thanks to Tim Sherratt for the heads-up on this event.)

National Archives of Australia (NAA), in collaboration with UNESCO Memory of the World and the International Council on Archives, are hosting a one-day symposium Lost in the Cloud: Saving Humanity’s Digital Documentary Heritage on Wednesday 3rd October, 9am-4pm at Hotel Realm in Barton. Featuring ASA2018 keynote speaker Tim Gollins, plus an all-star cast from local and international GLAM institutions, it’s a great opportunity to hear from those fighting the digital preservation battle head-on. Plus, it’s free! Free!


Libraries ACT is currently the subject of an inquiry by the ACT Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services. If you have opinions about the future of Canberra’s public library service, now is the time to raise them! Submissions close on 21st September. All the details are on the committee website.

The federal Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories is continuing its inquiry into Canberra’s national institutions, including the NLA, NAA, NGA, NMA, NPG, AIATSIS, NFSA and AWM (we say, in our best Canberra acronym voice). Submissions are available for viewing on the committee website, as are recordings of public hearings.

Updates and corrections encouraged! Just drop us a line at, tweet us @ACTive_ALIA, facebook us at ACTive ALIA, or send us a carrier pigeon.


ALIA Website Renovation Party! Wednesday 12th September

WebsiteDemolitionParty!.pngFor our September event, the ACTive ALIA committee warmly invites you to… bring a sledgehammer!

Well, not quite.

Our friends and overlords at ALIA House are planning a redesign of the ALIA website. But as with any good renovation, they can’t go and pick the furnishings before they’ve chosen the layout. To do that, ALIA first need to gather data on how people use the website to find what they need, and how a new website might help people find things more easily. (And by people, we mean you!)

Come along and try your hand at information architecture on Wednesday 12th September from 6pm to 7.30pm at ALIA House, 9-11 Napier Close Deakin. Make sure to register! There will be FREE WINE AND PIZZA which you will definitely not want to miss.

Any queries, drop us a line:

Hope to see you there! (Preferably without sledgehammers.)

ACTive Journal Club June 2018

Journal Club June 2018

Our first event will be the inaugural meeting of the ACTive ALIA Journal Club! We’re looking to hold Journal Club meetups every two months, discussing an article hand-picked by the ACTive ALIA team.

This month’s article is ‘No library required: the free and easy backwaters of online content sharing’, presented by Kathryn Greenhill and Constance Wiebrands at the VALA 2012 conference. We chose this as our first article because it discusses a universal library problem: the loss of our information monopoly and the ability of internet denizens to flout copyright laws at will in the free and easy pursuit of knowledge.

Join us at 5.30pm on Wednesday 13th June, at the National Library. We’ll meet in the Ferguson Room on level 1. (Walk in the front door and look up, then left. You’ll see us in a glass box.)

We’ll have three set discussion questions before opening up the room:

  1. What do Greenhill and Wiebrands’ ‘alternate pathways’ offer that libraries don’t?
  2. Can libraries compete with these alternate pathways? Should they even try?
  3. How could libraries modify their business models or service paradigms to compete, or otherwise stand out in a crowded attention economy?

Please RSVP on our Facebook event or by email to Looking forward to seeing you all there!