Introducing your committee members – Nicolette

So, what is there to know about the group Secretary? We threw ten quick questions at her to find out…

nla50ppl - Nicolette

What is your name? I’m Nicolette Suttor, sometimes referred to as Nikki. 🙂

What is your favourite colour? Purple! It can be a serene lavender, or it can be bold, like what the Roman emperors wore. I… might have just gone for a bike ride in a brilliant purple shirt, actually 😉 Let’s cycle safely and visibly, shall we?

What do you like most about libraries? Hm… When I go in, I can always find a quiet corner to curl up with a book… And thus launch into whatever world/country/location the book is taking place in 😉

Favourite thing to do in Canberra? I have to say, after living in Sydney for about 20 years, I love the cycle paths in Canberra! I can ride my bike to work without being at least a little concerned that someone may not have had their morning coffee, or maybe a little too much beverage of choice the previous evening 😛 I can ride around lakes without a problem and also stop for coffee (or tea, or cool beverage, depending on the weather) And even better? Stopping by a library, or stopping in a park with a book…What, you expect me to do anything without having a book handy?

Favourite library? Uh… actually, the National Library! The sheer number of books they have! The amount of information! And the Ephemera collection! And… and… and… 😀

Favourite historical librarian? Margaret Leiteritz – she was a librarian, yes, but she was also an artist. She combined two great loves! Now, I can combine two as well, but… I suspect my secondary interest is more appropriate to libraries – knitting! Not as likely to get paint all over the books, but my goodness, the loose fibre from the yarn! *sigh*

How many cats is too many? I guess… it depends on how many can fit into your house? Without constantly jumping over each other, I mean. I have just one, and I think she prefers being an only-feline J

Knitting or crocheting? What, you mean I actually have to choose?! Well… I’d say knitting, but that’s what I’ve won ribbons for… I’m still trying to learn crochet, though!

Fiction or non-fiction? Normally fiction as it offers more freedom for flights of fancy 😉 But I’m also interested in history and prefer the real thing rather than historical fiction if it is set in a location I’m curious about, as it can cause confusion about what really happened, and what was author-created.

Paper or ebook? I actually prefer ebooks, as they are easier to carry 😉 And, I can carry as many as I have the memory in my devices to hold! Ooh, the number of books I can take with me on holiday… There are only so many paper books one can take along!

Well, there you have it. If you want to know more, you’re going to have to come along to one of our events and find out for yourself!



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