Introducing your committee members – Andrew

Hello! Happy Library and Information Week, and welcome to the brand new blog for ACTive ALIA.


I’m Andrew – the new group convenor, and I’m quite excited to be part of this new chapter for the group. I’ve been on a number of ALIA committees in the past, but I’ve taken a few years off in the interim, working overseas before returning to Australia in late 2016. Now that I’m starting to settle into life in Canberra, I’m looking forward to connecting more with other local and like-minded professionals.

I’m keen for this group to be an opportunity for professionals from all Library and Information sectors in the ACT to connect with one another and share ideas. We’re currently in the early stages of planning our first few events in the coming months. However, I also recognise that we plan the kinds of events that you want to attend. So, please – if you have any burning ideas for what you’d like us to organise, then please let us know, either in the comments below, or you can email us privately at


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